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prop. n. p1.(Ethnol.) The most westerly branch of the great Slavic family of nations, numbering now more than 6,000,000, and found principally in Bohemia and Moravia.
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he was told in Russian, German, and Czech by the crowd of fugitives who understood what was happening as little as he did.
Then he replied in a strange outlandish tongue that was, as a matter of fact, Czech.
Moreover, the University of Chemistry and Technology is on its final leg of sealing the cooperation with DLSU Manila for a unique and exciting partnership on food biotechnology and safety on beer brewing, of which the Czechs and Filipinos share a common interest and fondness on.
CharvEit: Yes, there are signs of growing interest among Czechs in spending holidays at Egyptian resorts, after the slump in the past years.
Czech is Chinas second largest trade partner in the Central and Eastern Europe while China is Czechs largest trade partner (except the EU) for many years.
The United States looks to the Czech Republic as a partner in regions around the world, including Afghanistan as part of NATO's Operation Enduring Freedom and Syria where the Czechs serve as U.
Czechs speak cestina, Czech, a Western Slavic language.
COLIN DUNCAN SCOTLAND 2 CZECH REP 1 The Czechs are not the force of old and are missing a number of key players for this crunch qualifier.
It is well known that not just Czechs but Americans too think of Antonin Dvorak as a founder of their modern national musical tradition.
In June the Czechs voted to split the powerful Lower House of Parliament right down the middle.
It's not lost on any of us that we haven't scored a goal,'' said Landon Donovan, who has played as an attacking midfielder or withdrawn forward behind Brian McBride in the 3-0 loss to the Czechs and 1-1 tie with Italy.
After 1618, when the Czech Kingdom became a hereditary part of the Austrian Monarchy, and especially after Ferdinand II the Catholic secured in the bloody Thirty-Years-War the Czech throne for the Hapsburgs, Czechs hoped for political and national autonomy.