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A liquid terpenoid, C10H16, with a characteristic lemonlike fragrance, used as a solvent, wetting agent, and dispersing agent and in the manufacture of resins.

[French limonène, from limon, lemon (obsolete), from Old French; see lemon.]


(Elements & Compounds) a liquid optically active terpene with a lemon-like odour, found in lemon, orange, peppermint, and other essential oils and used as a wetting agent and in the manufacture of resins. Formula: C10H16
[C19: from New Latin limonum lemon]
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Noun1.limonene - a liquid terpene with a lemon odor; found in lemons and oranges and other essential oils
terpene - an unsaturated hydrocarbon obtained from plants
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Identification of metabolites of the antitumor agent D-limonene capable of inhibiting protein isoprenylation and cell growth.
The sorbent bed breakthrough curve described by the model matched well with corresponding experimental data for the VOCs tested, including toluene, decane, hexane, butanone, iso-butonal, tetracholorothylene, and d-limonene under relatively high concentration levels (ppm).
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Compounds associated with consumer product use include p-dichlorobenzene (moth cakes, room air fresheners, toilet bowl deodorizers), chloroform (chlorinated water), and the fragrances [alpha]- and [beta]-pinene and d-limonene (cleaning products, room fresheners) (Wallace 1991a, 1991b).
The increases were taken to offset continued increases in commodity costs, including D-limonene, which is used in a broad range of citrus-based cleaning and plumbing products, the company said.
This issue is also illustrated by the near, but imperfect, "consensus" on the [alpha]2[mu]-globulin mechanism of male rat renal carcinogenesis induced by d-limonene and its lack of relevance for humans.
025 (11) [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] TMTU Trimethylthiourea [5989-27-5] Gav 75 (17) [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] 300 LIM d-Limonene DOSE LEVELS (a) Rats Mice CAS No.
Applications: non-bleach based hard surface cleaners, car and truck washes, pressure wash cleaners, general purpose degreasers, d-limonene and pine oil based degreasers, acidic lime scale removers.
Limonene was introduced into the inner chamber either by the evaporation of reagent-grade d-limonene or by inserting a lemon-scented, solid air freshener.