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Noun1.D.A. - a doctor's degree with a special disciplinary focus
doctorate, doctor's degree - one of the highest earned academic degrees conferred by a university
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A 24-member Headstart class was invited to join the D.
THOSE WHO enjoy sausage but don't ever want to see how it's made probably won't want to watch ``The D.
A description of the teaching doctorate is presented with the focus on relevance of the D.
For Perry Mason, tough cases were the only ones worth taking, because they symbolized what the American legal system stood for: the right of private citizens, no matter how poor or powerless or socially insignificant, to the best possible defense against charges brought by the all-powerful state, as represented by the always slightly sinister D.
Davidson's investment banking division is part of D.
PENTAX Imaging Company has announced a new series of high performance lenses - the smc PENTAX-DA* Series (pronounced PENTAX D.
According to John Hennessy, Chief Executive Officer of Nuprecon, "The success of our transaction was directly attributable to D.
Cameron is expected to leverage his extensive relationships in the industry to boost D.
This allowed the index to close most of its performance gap with the major market indices seen at the end of the third quarter," said Fred Dickson, Chief Market Strategist for D.
SEATTLE -- David Dandel, Managing Director, Investment Banking for the Seattle office of D.
We're excited to continue to grow in Oregon and think that together, Davidson and Salem are a great fit," said Jim Kerr, Senior Vice President, Regional Director for D.