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Noun1.D. H. Lawrence - English novelist and poet and essayist whose work condemned industrial society and explored sexual relationships (1885-1930)
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The author posits that some Victorian novelists, such as Emily Bronti, Anthony Trollope, Thomas Hardy, and D.
These two collections, published by Macdonald Daly's Critical, Cultural and Communications Press, offer reprinted, formerly presented, and some new work by two important Lawrence scholars, well known to readers of the D.
This latest title in the Cambridge Edition of the Works of D.
uk DARLINGTON Arts Centre will welcome Theatre Action with their production of Phoenix Rising: D.
She looks at the selective appropriation of indigenous myth in literature and history, leaving no stone unturned, from the Zapatista movement's identification with Indio experience, to the ambiguity of romantic treatments by D.
Contra Poe persevera, solitaria, la Costa Este, desde "El Himno Concord" emersoniano hasta Bloom y sus inspiraciones insulares: D.
Cummings, to Charles Dickens, to James Herriot, to D.
Three new additions to this "In 90 Minutes" series are BECKETT (1566635861), NABAKOV (156663590X) and D.
Bloated as it is with weighty philosophical dilemmas, the clunkiest of dialogue and the hot and sweaty eroticism of D.
Charting Tarquinia's growth from prehistory to late antiquity, Tarquinia: An Etruscan City covers everything from what modern archaeology can tell us about the society to literary impressions of Tarquinia by great writers and poets such as Stendhal and D.
From the earliest, like the thirteenth-century Roman de la Rose and Dante's poem The Hower, through Shakespeare to Novalis and D.