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Noun1.D. W. Griffith - United States film maker who was the first to use flashbacks and fade-outs (1875-1948)
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Among them was the former headquarters of United Artists, led by Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Pickford, Charles Chaplin and D.
Walsh acquired his commitment to a no-nonsense approach on the set and finishing on time from D.
After several years of intense struggle, she moved to California, where she starred in early silent films by pioneer director D.
Chapter I, "Politicas, 1914-1936: How Outsiders Influenced Depictions of the Revolution," sketches the efforts of American actor and director Raoul Walsh, authors Upton Sinclair and Eugene O'Neill, director D.
For decades, the Directors Guild of America awarded a D.
The exhibit included lectures, a small number of other artifacts, a workshop on how to tweet in cuneiform, concerts and a showing of the 1916 silent film "Intolerance," directed by D.
The first five chapters make up the first half, and move back from the premiere to consider the backgrounds of both D.
Arriving at 4500 Sunset Boulevard in 1915 Fairbanks signed a contract that stipulated that all his films were to be personally supervised by director D.
He truly was a pioneer of the film industry, working alongside D.
We see ourselves in this Inuit storytelling history, not in the Hollywood history of storytelling by the likes of D.
For example, black actress Madame Sul-Te-Wan forged the beginnings of blacks in Hollywood by being hired by movie director D.