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n.1.The integument of animal; the skin.
2.(Anat.) See Dermis.
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The new conditions reflect recommendations from Carbon Energy's environmental reports to DERM in relation to handling process water.
Certainly, nothing in the record as it now exists evinces either the reliability or validity of [the GM engineer's] testimony as to the DERM.
During the evaluation phase and subsequently, DERM has indicated that the independent Scientific Expert Panel advising DERM on Underground Coal Gasification has not identified any concerns or issues with respect to the Company's evaluation.
The Company continues to work proactively with DERM in an effort to expedite this process to ensure that UCG Panel 2 can be commissioned as soon as practicable.
CTEC and DERM have worked for 4 years in a close partnership on high-performance pulsed jets valves based on piezoelectric actuators.
The Company continues to engage regularly with DERM in an effort to have this matter resolved to the satisfaction of all parties and anticipates a final response from DERM within a short time of submitting the additional information required.
Commencement of operations for Panel 2 is subject to Queensland Department of Environment and Resource Management (DERM)'s review of the Company's Environmental Evaluation and notice from DERM that the Company may proceed.
The Evaluation relates to a spill of process water in July 2009, which was immediately cleaned up, but, not reported to DERM in the prescribed time frame.
This assurance was given in response to a media release by DERM on 15th July concerning the Cougar Energy (ASX:CXY) shutdown in which it signalled that an evaluation may be requested as a "precautionary measure".