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The conviction that it would end disas trously had been driven into me by all the succes sive shocks my sense of security had received.
This transition makes mission partners ready for S-JRSS transport, said Mark Williams, DISAs Classified Internet Protocol (IP) Portfolio manager.
This strategic acquisition allows DISA Global to expand their customer base in the Gulf Coast market, while securing a knowledgeable staff and strong support team.
According to AT&T, with a place on the contract, it will have the opportunity to provide global networking services to DISA.
On June 24, it was a symposium on DISA CORE 20FP at Coimbatore.
As the cloud broker for the Defense Department, so far, DISA appears to he on shak.
DISA brings great strength in healthcare and cross-industry standards, so together we expand our standards family.
This marks the introduction of the first of a series of Technology Transfers from the Wheelabrator Group to DISA India.
DISA has received much recognition for its people programs.
Input's Rossino commented, "Without doubt, the use of [multiple award contracts] at DISA and across the DoD is hampering competition and limiting transparency.
DISA reimburses participating employees for up to 50 percent of the cost of broadband Internet access.
DISA is responsible for implementing and supporting net-centric solutions for the domestic and global operations of the US Government in general and the Department of Defense in particular.