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adv.1.(Anat.) Toward a distal part; on the distal side of; distally.
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In 1980, just three years after the schoolAEs third graders were first taught using DISTAR, 85 percent passed the reading comprehension portion of the Texas Assessment of Academic Skills (TAAS), up from 18 percent in 1977.
The descriptors, shiny and dull, were in presented several DISTAR Language tasks, and these were taught to the CT children.
With these results in hand and a supportive superintendent, more than 300 Texas schools adopted DISTAR in the early 1980s.
1969-1970 cohort) repetition 1970-1971) Seattle DISTAR Entry: 4 years T > C for High and Head Exit: 5 years achievement attrition.
And guess who's been recruited to hold the federal purse strings: Christopher Doherty, the guy who spearheaded the move to bring McGraw-Hill's DISTAR (Direct Instruction System for Teaching Arithmetic and Reading) to public schools in Baltimore (Metcalf, 2002).
Although this prototype of the active, skillful, and informed decision maker seems to stand in contrast to the teacher's role in DISTAR (Bereiter & Engelmann, 1966) and Corrective Reading (Engelmann, Hanner,& Johnson, 2002), what DI teachers were scripted to do and say was derived from the same set of principles.