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Noun1.DLE - a chronic skin disease occurring primarily in women between the ages of 20 and 40; characterized by an eruption of red lesions over the cheeks and bridge of the nose
autoimmune disease, autoimmune disorder - any of a large group of diseases characterized by abnormal functioning of the immune system that causes your immune system to produce antibodies against your own tissues
lupus - any of several forms of ulcerative skin disease
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His feet squelched in the pud- dles left by his industry.
Less commonly, DLE may be generalized and involve the trunk and extremities, in addition to the head and neck.
Our DLE upgrade will bring a completely modernized HUD solution to the F-22," said Andy Humphries, director of Advanced Displays at BAE Systems.
Histopathological examination confirmed the diagnosis of DLE (Figure 3).
This is particularly problematic because DLE most often affects the face, although lesions also can be found on the scalp, ears, trunk, extremities, and in the mouth as well.
DISCUSSION: DLE lesions begin as red to purple macules, papules and plaques evolving to form plaques.
ME: You have been building DLE machines for more than a decade.
DLE patients usually have an isolated cutaneous disease, without systemic involvement.
Double-layered ejecta craters or DLEs, like other craters, are surrounded by debris excavated by an impactor.
Companies like DLE Construction are an essential part of the local economy.