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A structure of a helix, especially a DNA molecule, in which the axis of the helix itself is coiled, causing the helix to loop over itself.
intr.v. su·per·coiled, su·per·coil·ing, su·per·coils
To form a supercoil.


(ˈsuːpəˌkɔɪl) biochem
a coil consisting of coils, a complex coil; particularly, a superhelical structure of DNA
to make into or become a complex coil


(ˈsu pərˌkɔɪl)

a twist formed by intertwining strands of DNA or by protein chains.
su′per•coiled`, adj.
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Boles et at (1990) studied structure of DNA supercoil.
In fact, the DNA supercoil is a carefully articulated knot that ties itself up according to rules governing its geometry and electrical forces acting on it from the liquid surroundings.
Comet assay, also known as single cell gel electrophoresis (SCGE), is based on a principle that when the sperm DNA breaks, DNA supercoils become loose and the negative charges are exposed.