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 (dē-ŏk′sē-rī′bō-no͞o′klē-ās′, -āz′, -nyo͞o′-)


(Biochemistry) the full name for DNAase


(ˈdiˈɛn eɪs, -eɪz)

also DNAase

(ˈdiˈɛnˈeɪ eɪs, -eɪz)
deoxyribonuclease: any of several enzymes that break down the DNA molecule into its component nucleotides.
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To the surface of their film, the Kagoshima researchers added their version of a self-destruct button: a negatively charged layer of the DNA-snipping enzyme DNase I.
When the number of viral particles in the sample was high, we omitted the RNase A and DNase I treatments and used the RNeasy Mini Kit (Qiagen) for RNA extraction.
For another 10 samples, [beta]-globin DNA was not detected in any samples after we used on-column DNase digestion with 80 [micro]L of enzymebuffer mixture from the RNase-Free DNase Set (Qiagen) for the columnbased protocol and postextraction DNase treatment with a DNase I reagent set (Invitrogen) for the automated protocol.
Protein binding was noted in the extreme boundaries of this region, but not in an internal region previously described as both a topo II cleavage site and a DNase I hypersensitive site.
the leader in soil, water and microbial nucleic acid purification, announces the launch of the RTS DNase(TM) Kit, which includes the first room temperature stable DNase I enzyme.
Crystal and his colleagues reported early results from the DNase I study at a conference on cystic fibrosis last year (SN: 3/2/91, p.
One of them, an enzyme called DNase I, appears less active in many lupus patients than in healthy people.
Abrupt pubertal elevation of DNase I gene expression in human pituitary glands of both sexes.
DNAse is robust enough that it works in this procedure, even without the included buffer.