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Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, DTT provides digital video surveillance solutions to the hospitality and specialty retail industries.
48 million subs across satellite TV platform DStv and DTT platform GOtv by end-2017, which will grow to 16.
Broadcasters can only enjoy the true benefits of DTT married to broadband when the DTT transition is completed.
TechNavio's analysts forecast the DTT market in the US to grow at a CAGR of 6.
As the rest of the continent continues the migration to DTT, the power of Intelsat 20 will enable us to efficiently deliver digital services to the largest number of viewers as well as expand our customer base.
Intelsat currently provides proven DTT solutions in Africa, supported by advanced coding and modulation techniques that enable efficient use of bandwidth and improved reception quality, enabling African audiences to enjoy the benefits of digital television.
By overlaying our data with DTT video, restaurateurs have another tool to ensure their business is performing at optimal levels.
We are close to the 10,000 mark of DTT decoders sold, which will be reached in a few weeks, and the target set for March 2015 is for sales of 20,000 but we anticipate to reach this target by December 2014," concluded Aochamub.
Founded in 2002, DTT is currently expanding their service offering from being solely travel related into various healthcare services like wellness, yoga and medical tourism to name a few.
The introduction of DTT in Spanish households constitutes an unprecedented technological change in the history of television (Bustamante, 2008a: 5), insofar as it is not an optional service improvement, as it was the case with the increase in the broadcasting range of TVE's second channel in UHF or the transition from black and white to colour television, but a demand orchestrated by the European Union.
While the the French DTT market has declined since its 2005 boom, TF1 and M6 have been able to sustain their leadership positions in terms of ratings and ad revs, and ride out the economic storm.