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a.1.(Mus.) Major; in the major mode; as, C dur, that is, C major.
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The first is to Demonstrate the utility of a consistent DUR screening program in producing basic epidemiological data on drug-use problems in large populations.
Between 1992 and 1996, two States implemented DUR demonstration programs under the HCFA mandate--paying pharmacists for cognitive services (Washington) and an on-line prospective DUR (Iowa).
Of the four States, only Iowa and Maryland had retrospective DUR Programs in place in 1989.
The 61 DUR criteria screened for this study were originally developed by expert clinical panels convened by the University of Maryland and the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science (UM/PCPS) under a cooperative agreement with HCFA (Knapp and Erwin, 1992).
These data were aggregated to produce annual DUR failure rates at: both the claim and the person level by year and State.
Although States were required to report on costs savings from DUR programs, the diversity of methods and results makes it difficult to generalize about program cost effectiveness.
Although the premise that DUR can prevent some prescription drug problems and some adverse health outcomes is plausible, as Jay, Eynon, and Javitz (1991) noted, ".
This Medicaid DUR demonstration provided a valuable opportunity to investigate the prevalence of prescribing problems for a group of Medicaid recipients living in the community.
A DUR program can be effective when the prescribing system fails to provide safe and appropriate drug therapy.
DUR Hospitality expects to reach an operating owned portfolio of 14 assets by 2018, and to reach 20 assets by 2023, by which time the company expects new hotel and residential projects to have tripled its revenues.
It recently began trading under the name DUR Hospitality , having previously been called Saudi Hotels and Resorts.
Prime experts will be presenting the Controlled Substance DUR Program at URAC's 14th Annual Quality Summit held in Washington, D.