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a.1.(Mus.) Major; in the major mode; as, C dur, that is, C major.
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As one example, six students took a DUR in lipid biochemistry with Professor Laura Listenberger (biology/chemistry) in fall 2012.
In another example, Professor Kathy Tegtmeyer-Pak (political science/Asian studies) led a group of students in a DUR entitled Politics and Community, which looked at various features of community among immigrants in small towns across the United States.
We are very excited to help deliver the Diplomatic Quarter Marriott Hotel for DUR," said Mohammed Al Rais, regional president (Middle East) for Hill's Project Management Group.
These concerns are not intrinsic to Computerized DUR screening.
The first is to Demonstrate the utility of a consistent DUR screening program in producing basic epidemiological data on drug-use problems in large populations.
located in Atlanta, will license ProDUR, its DUR system, to Unisys Government Services, which acts as the fiscal agent for the state of Iowa's Medicaid program.
The three-year project, which began in March, is providing on-line prospective DUR for 100 pharmacies throughout Iowa.
With the increasing concern over the lack of drug monitoring systems to safeguard against less-than-optimal or inappropriate drug utilization among the low-income and vulnerable Medicaid beneficiaries, Congress mandated DUR to assure and improve quality in Medicaid prescription drug programs.
What if a given state doesn't establish an electronic claims management system that includes DUR capability, and a pharmacy in that state decides to use a commercially available DUR package?
DUR Hospitality, previously known as Saudi Hotels & Resorts, has revealed it will relaunch the Makarim Hotels chain as a brand specialising in religious tourism in the Holy Cities, Saudi Arabia.
The subject of the public contract is the preparation of project documentation in the degree of DUR, DSP and DPS, AD performance during construction, engineering activities associated with the discussion processed documentation and issue the relevant permit (zoning, building permits, etc.
DUR is just one of many programs and tools used by Medco Health to ensure high quality pharmaceutical for patients, while helping to moderate cost.