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abbreviation for
(Chemistry) depleted uranium


1. Duke.
2. Dutch.
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In the case of a one-port VNA, the DUT is connected to the input side of Figure 1 and only the reflected signals can be measured.
When the DUT or the measurement position changes, the non-contacting probe can rapidly be moved horizontally.
We investigated the case with an adaptor before the DUT as shown in Figure 1(b) while the reference standard is alternatively connected to the splitter directly, using an existing coaxial calibration system.
With this configuration, the test current is forced through one set of test leads, while the voltage across the DUT is measured through a second set of leads called the sense leads.
No matter how perfect the rest of the board is, if the DUT area is compromised in any way, the board can become useless.
After mixing, the current through the DUT and the voltage across it are not calibrated, so both the AC and DC components of the current and voltage must be measured.
The impedance profile of a DUT represents characteristic impedance as a function of distance along a device's length.
The proximity of the DUT noise to the measurement system noise floor introduces a measurement error that makes the DUT noise appear higher than actual, as shown in Figure 3.
Unlike one-time brittle coatings sometimes used, Test Devices said its Strain Surveys can cycle the DUT multiple times and be done at various temperatures giving a fuller, more accurate representation of design performance.
Signal fidelity problems result from numerous sources, but the greatest source is controlled by the test engineer: the interconnection path between the DUT and the test system.
If a DUT is conformant and functional (and also interoperates) in simple scenarios, the next question is whether the device will "scale" under real-life "load" conditions.