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also syl·va (sĭl′və)
n. pl. sil·vas or sil·vae (-vē) also syl·vas or syl·vae
1. The trees or forests of a region.
2. A written work on the trees or forests of a region.

[Latin, forest.]


(Botany) a variant spelling of sylva


or syl•va

(ˈsɪl və)

n., pl. -vas.
the forest trees of a particular area.
[1840–50; < New Latin; Latin: woodland]

Sylva, Silva

 a collection of literary pieces or poems; a thesaurus of words or phrases, 1787; the trees of a particular region or period, collectively, 1846.
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Noun1.silva - the forest trees growing in a country or region
timberland, woodland, forest, timber - land that is covered with trees and shrubs
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