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 (dā′shē-ə, -shə)
An ancient region and Roman province corresponding roughly to modern Romania. Inhabited before the Christian era by a people of Thracian stock with an advanced material culture, the region was abandoned to the Goths after ad 270.

Da′ci·an adj. & n.


(Placename) an ancient region bounded by the Carpathians, the Tisza, and the Danube, roughly corresponding to modern Romania. United under kings from about 60 bc, it later contained the Roman province of the same name (about 105 to 270 ad)
ˈDacian adj, n


(ˈdeɪ ʃi ə, -ʃə)

an ancient kingdom and later a Roman province in S Europe between the Carpathian Mountains and the Danube, corresponding generally to modern Romania and adjacent regions.
Da′ci•an, adj., n.
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CASH-STRAPPED car buyers are set to give budget brand Dacia the perfect boost for its arrival on the UK market.
Dacia, which is owned by Renault and is Europe's fastest-growing automotive brand since 2004, has sold the Sandero for the past four years, though it has not been available in the UK.
With such a production capacity, Renault's new African facility will become the biggest Dacia production site, with the Romanian car plant drawing close to its maximum capacity of 350,000 units per year.
Its makers say the newcomer will benefit from "all the fundamental qualities that have become a hallmark of the Dacia range, namely ample cabin space, a high load capacity and robust build.
The Dacia Sandero Stepway deserves to do very well.
In keeping with Dacia's strapline of "You do the maths" - nod to its no-nonsense approach to value - TV presenter and mathematical whizz Rachel Riley was on the Dacia stand during the CV Show for an interactive launch of the Duster Commercial.
History shows Dacia customers tend to choose top-of-the-range versions.
While they started selling in Europe in 2004 with the Logan, Dacia only launched in the UK in 2012, selling 35,000 cars in a year.
The Dacia brand has built a strong bond with its customers based on a sense of confidence and proximity.
Dacia or "Datchya" as it should be called is Renault's Romanianbuilt budget brand but it could be the perfect buy for anyone on a tight budget looking for a new car option.
Dacia offers a car in one class for the price of one from the class below, and most of its customers are people who tend to buy used rather than new.
In 2004 Dacia, which had not long been under Renault ownership, launched a car called the Logan.