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 (dā′shē-ə, -shə)
An ancient region and Roman province corresponding roughly to modern Romania. Inhabited before the Christian era by a people of Thracian stock with an advanced material culture, the region was abandoned to the Goths after ad 270.

Da′ci·an adj. & n.
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Dacian Gold has achieved another key development milestone at its Mount Morgans gold project, located 25 kilometers (km) southwest of Laverton in Western Australia, with underground mine development at Beresford intersecting first ore on October 4, four weeks ahead of schedule.
The Mount Morgans project is 100% owned by Dacian Gold.
Romanian Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos and US Deputy Secretary of Defence Robert Work were also present at the ceremony.
But Juncker has told Dacian Ciolos there is no "intimate relation" between the frameworks of Bulgaria and Romania at the moment.
To get the money, Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos said Moldova will have to reform its justice system, fight corruption, sign a draft agreement for a loan from the International Monetary Fund and appoint a new central bank governor.
BE[pounds sterling]KREE[currency] (CyHAN)- Romania's Prime Minister-designate Dacian Ciolos on Sunday announced his future technocrat cabinet.
In his wanderings he met Celts and he may have learned Gaelic, which was, of course, less complicated than today's French, closer to Latin, and, hence, to the Dacian language, as Gonzague de Reynold states.
Polish pigmeat producers from the regions affected by the recent African swine fever (ASF) outbreak will be compensated for their losses, Polish Agriculture Minister Stanislaw Kalemba said after meeting Commissioners Dacian Ciolos (agriculture) and Tonio Borg (health), on 6 March in Brussels.
Dacian Gold (ASX:DCN) - New Life for Mount Morgans Gold Project
It is very important that actions on genetic resources go beyond conservation," Agriculture Commissioner Dacian Ciolos said in a statement.
Minister Daniel Constantin also attended in Brussels a conference on the development of the dairy sector post 2015 staged upon the initiative of the European Commissioner for agriculture and rural development, Dacian Ciolos, who is a former agriculture minister himself.
DACIAN CIOLOS, European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development, said he is pleased the European Parliament, the European Union (EU) Council of Ministers and the European Commission have reached an agreement on reforming the Common Agricultural Policy post 2013.