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 (dā′krŏn′, dăk′rŏn′)
A trademark for a synthetic polyester fabric or the fiber from which it is made.


(ˈdeɪkrɒn; ˈdæk-)
(Textiles) the US name (trademark) for Terylene


(ˈdeɪ krɒn, ˈdæk rɒn)
a brand of polyester fiber.
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Noun1.Dacron - a kind of polyester fabric
polyester - any of a large class of synthetic fabrics
trademark - a formally registered symbol identifying the manufacturer or distributor of a product


® [ˈdækrɒn] N (US) → Dacrón ® m


n (US) → Dacron® nt


® [ˈdækrɒn] nDacron ® m inv
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The Greenspot is without a doubt the easiest Dacron to splice.
Made in Portland, Maine (USA) and available in small, medium and large sizes, Seabags are constructed from durable recycled sail materials such as canvas, Dacron and Kevlar and are finished with a hand-spliced rope handle for authentic nautical charm.
and Dacron filament and staple business in Pontypool, U.
The dome, one of three used across the country, measures 22 feet in diameter and consists of 24 hand-painted Dacron panels.
The Sontara technology, in which needlelike jets of water entangle Dacron polyester fibers, was first developed in the early 1960s at DuPont's Experimental Station in Wilmington, Del.
Three tenders for the supply of (a) luxuriously finished Dacron fabrics in shiny white color, (b) beat sugar, also (c) black pepper.
I troll with 30- to 50-pound-test Dacron because monofilament stretches too much on strikes at that distance, and that decreases your chance for a solid hookup," says Suroviec.
Reel: Capable of holding 200 yards of 20-pound Dacron backing.
For animals from the sampling webs, oral swabs were taken with Dacron-tipped applicators cut with scissors at the level of the Dacron and inserted into 0.
Four tenders for the supply of woolen fabrics of different width, gabardine colored fabrics (summer & winter), mixed fabrics (wool/ artificial fibers), tergal, drill, Dacron, crepe & fixture fabrics in 43 items.