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Noun1.Dactylis - a monocotyledonous grass of the family Gramineae (has only one species)Dactylis - a monocotyledonous grass of the family Gramineae (has only one species)
liliopsid genus, monocot genus - genus of flowering plants having a single cotyledon (embryonic leaf) in the seed
family Graminaceae, family Gramineae, family Poaceae, Graminaceae, Gramineae, grass family, Poaceae - the grasses: chiefly herbaceous but some woody plants including cereals; bamboo; reeds; sugar cane
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Caption: Figure 1--Pastures of healthy Festuca arundinacea and Dactylis glomerata (A and C, respectively) and with attack from Cyclocephala flavipennis (B and D, respectively).
2012) showed that the dry biomass productions of the first and second years were not influenced by the biochar application, while dactylis glomerata which was grown in the third year got the signifiant increasing of crop height and total dry biomass, especially at the higher application rate of 50 t ha-1.
The most common and widespread grasses in this habitat were Dactylis glomerata, Digitaria ciliaris, Eleusine indica, Eragrostis pectinacea, Festuca subverticillata, Poa annua, P.
Some of the best results came from planting red or white clover in with traditional pasture plants such as rye grass like lolium perenne or the dactylis glomerata, commonly known as cock's-foot or orchard grass.
Gavira UTM 30SUF 30SUF 30SUF 4102255263 4417552927 3919952005 Altitud (m) 359 248 681 Litologia marmoles marmoles peridotitas Orientacion NW SE NW Longitud (m) 20 30 20 Indice de Shannon (H') 2,12 4,17 3,60 Juniperus oxycedrus 21,20 23,80 * 29,10 * Brachypodium retusum -- -- 74,15 Macrochloa tenacessima 20,45 28,20 3,40 Rosmarinus officinalis 10,60 12,27 -- Carex hallerana 4,25 12,10 5,65 Aphyllanthes monspeliensis -- -- 0,05 Quercus coccifera -- -- 16,05 Ulex baeticus 5,35 4,57 -- Genista hirsuta -- -- 7,85 Celtica gigantea -- 4,93 -- Dactylis glomerata -- -- 3,00 Linum suffruticosum -- 2,13 6,45 Cistus salviifolius -- -- 2,55 Cistus clusii 5,20 2,90 -- Pistacia lentiscus -- 7,93 -- Cistus albidus -- 4,07 -- Arrhenatherum sp.
The Fig 4 shows the growth of different species of perennial grasses, with significant development lolium perenne, compared canary and dactylis that have the lowest development.
i) The Kis-Gaja Ridge site is located in a shallow depression (dolina) of a karstic plateau with semi-humid tall grasses (Arrhenaterum elatius, Dactylis polygama, Brachypodium pinnatum) rich in different Asteraceae (Cirsium arvense, Centaurea spp.
The highest number of shoots is formed by buds of tillering zone in species, such as Dactylis glomerata, etc.
Among the 11 crops treated here are perennial ryegrass, tall fescue, Dactylis and Phleum, warm-season grasses, alfalfa, and red and white clover.
Cruz and Lemaire (1986) showed that experiments undertaken in France with dactylis (Dactylis glomerata) intercropped with alfalfa (Medicago sativa) failed to demonstrate a direct pathway of N from the leguminous plant towards the other through biological fixation; moreover, alfalfa competes with the grass for inorganic N in the soil.