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v. t.1.To hold up by leading strings or by the hand, as a child while he toddles.
Little children when they learn to go
By painful mothers daded to and fro.
- Drayton.
v. i.1.To walk unsteadily, as a child in leading strings, or just learning to walk; to move slowly.
No sooner taught to dade, but from their mother trip.
- Drayton.
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Dade said the companies are now targeting September 30 as the date for completion of the merger.
Before long father and daughter had 90 Dade County high schools raising money to purchase rainforest.
Dade is a $1 billion provider of products, systems and services for clinical diagnostics.
We are very delighted that Dade Behring is collaborating with us--together we expect to further extend the knowledge of global testing for thrombosis and hemostasis.
Small said, "By working closer with leaders in the community dedicated to housing, together we can find new ways to meet the unique needs of the Miami- Dade area.
The largest of these directories includes the corporate names, addresses, telephone numbers and top executives at 415 multinational companies in Dade that do business in two or more countries.
Donal Quinn joined Dade Behring in 1998 and has served as the company's President, Global Customer Management since 2002, responsible for global sales, service and marketing.
The improved rating is for Dade County, Florida's $846.
Dade Behring is the world's largest company solely dedicated to clinical diagnostics and is also a global leader in automated identification and antimicrobial susceptibility testing.
50 for every pet vaccinated to the Friends of Dade County Animal Shelter.
We are delighted to be working with such a world class partner as Dade Behring to potentially develop this important test and make it more widely available," said Peter Foster, CEO, Euro-Diagnostica.