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Noun1.Daffo - a Chadic language spoken in northern Nigeria
West Chadic - a group of Chadic languages spoken in northern Nigeria; Hausa in the most important member
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A mass burial was held for victims on Friday, a few hours after some unknown gunmen invaded rural settlements in Daffo district of the state, Danjuma Abbas, a local government official, told Xinhua.
CRUISE European sailings - Princess Cruises' spring Daffo Deals on more than 60 Scandinavian, Mediterranean, north European and British Isles itineraries between May-Nov start at PS579pp for a 7-day cruise to the fjords.
Their late brother and sister, Daffo and Marged, never married either and also lived in the inherited farmhouse, Rhiw Lug.
A veces, las personas aparecen con sus verdaderos nombres --Ruben Azocar, Ruben Daffo, Lord Cochrane-- o mitifican la leyenda, como es el caso de Joaquin Murieta o de una mujer, el otro rostro del poeta: es el caso de Matilde, su esposa.
Camellia Ivy Snowdrops Tulips Pieris Primula Lavender Daffo odils Rambling rose
Forestier F, Daffos F, Rainaut M, Bruneau M, Trivin F.
Gruel Y, Boizard B, Daffos F Forestier F Caen J, Wautier JL.
These resources are not renewable, thus the state has the right to establish a tax," environmental consultant Juan Aste Daffos told La Republica.