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 (dä′gĭ-stän′, dăg′ĭ-stăn′)
An autonomous republic of southwest Russia bordering on the Caspian Sea. It was ceded to Russia by Persia in 1813.

Da′ge·sta′ni (-stä′nē, -stăn′ē) adj. & n.


(ˌdɑ gəˈstɑn, ˌdæg əˈstæn)

an autonomous republic in the SW Russian Federation on the W shore of the Caspian Sea. 1,800,000; 19,421 sq. mi. (50,300 sq. km). Cap.: Makhachkala. Formerly, Dagestan′ Auton′omous So′viet So′cialist Repub′lic.
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Dagestan is one of the Russia's most restive regions 6 periodic murders and bombings perpetrated by a criminal underworld scar the landscape while an Islamic insurgency wages war against Moscow.
An ethnically mixed, mostly Muslim region between Chechnya and the Caspian Sea, Dagestan has become the most violent province in the North Caucasus, where insurgents say they are fighting to carve out an Islamic state out of southern Russia.
Dagestan is a predominantly Sunni region, while many members of the local Islamic insurgency belong to the Wahhabi sect.
Summary: Moscow, Jumada II 5, 1432, May 8, 2011, SPA -- Three gunmen have been killed in a special counter-terrorist operation in Russia&'s North Caucasian republic of Dagestan, a spokesman for the National Anti-terrorism Committee told Itar-Tass on Sunday.
Meanwhile, five suspected fighters and the two police officers were killed in another gunfight on Friday in the nearby republic of Dagestan, Magomed Tagirov, a local police spokesman, said.
Also on Friday, a journalist from Dagestan was found dead in the Moscow flat he rented.
RANGERS were last night given renewed hope UEFA will switch Thursday's game from war-torn Dagestan.
A MASSIVE car bomb has exploded in the capital of Dagestan, close to the hotel Rangers booked for their UEFA cup tie this week .
The blast reportedly occurred around midnight on Sunday near the town of Kizlyar in Dagestan, a republic that borders the turbulent, breakaway territory of Chechnya.
In 2018 in Dagestan, construction of a storage facility designed for 5 thousand tons of grapes will begin.
MOSCOW, March 29 (KUNA) -- A Russian policeman was killed and two others injured when two police cars were struck by an explosion near Makhachkala, the capital city of the Russian Republic of Dagestan on Tuesday.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran's Northern Province of Mazandaran and the Republic of Dagestan plan to pave the ground for the further development of their mutual cooperation in various educational, tourism, industrial, and trade sectors.