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Noun1.Dail - the lower house of the parliament of the Irish RepublicDail - the lower house of the parliament of the Irish Republic
house - an official assembly having legislative powers; "a bicameral legislature has two houses"
Oireachtas - the parliament of the Irish Republic
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The width of these sheets of stones varie from a few hundred feet to a mile; but the peaty soil dail encroaches on the borders, and even forms islets whereve a few fragments happen to lie close together.
AN order blocking the publication of financial information about Denis O'Brien wasn't intended to stop fair reporting of speeches in the Dail, the High Court judge who made it clarified yesterday.
Ar swp o rwbel yn ymyl y git roedd blodau olaf carn yr ebol yn troi eu hwynebau melyn i'r haul ac roedd dail carn yr ebol wedi dechrau ymddangos.
On a purely practical level, the size of the Dail Chamber is quite surprising.
Dail comes to DLA after having served as the deputy commander, United States Transportation Command, Scott Air Force Base, Ill.
However, Dail said, the recently fought Iraq War revealed communication problems between front-line combat units and their rear-line suppliers.
We are very pleased that the Dails chose STA to continue in their footsteps.
There were angry scenes as the Government dumped all Dail business in favour of a debate on the sale which will net the taxpayer less than [euro]400million.
Yma ac acw ar hyd Ln Llanffinan ac i gyfeiriad Pentraeth roedd blodau melynwyrdd, disylw dail cwlwm yr asgwrn (Mercurialis perennis; dog's mercury) yn tyfu ym mn y clawdd.
His father Charles Haughey was first elected in 1957 while Sean took his seat in the Dail in 1989.
This information will go to a scheduling engine that will help build a strategic distribution plan for moving units and their support worldwide, said Dail.
Commenting on the announcement, Dail said, "BB&T is an excellent institution.