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 (ī′yə-wä′skə, ä′yə-)
A hallucinogenic brew made from the bark and stems of a tropical South American vine of the genus Banisteriopsis, especially B. caapi, mixed with other psychotropic plants, used especially in shamanistic rituals by certain Amazonian Indian peoples.

[American Spanish, from Quechua, rope of the dead, narcotic : aya, corpse + huasca, rope.]


(ˌaɪəˈwɑːskə) or


(Plants) a Brazilian plant, Banisteriopsis caapi, that has winged fruits and yields a powerful hallucinogenic alkaloid sometimes used to treat certain disorders of the central nervous system: family Malpighiaceae
[C20: from Quechua]


(ˌɑ yəˈwɑ skə)

n., pl. -cas.
a woody South American vine, Banisteriopsis caapi, of the malpighia family, having bark that is the source of harmine, a hallucinogenic alkaloid used by Indians of the Amazon basin.
[< American Spanish; further orig. uncertain]
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Members of the Santo Daime faith in Oregon sued the federal government after drug agents raided their leader's home and government officials refused to give them an accommodation from the Controlled Substances Act for the importation of Daime tea, a hallucinogenic drink from Brazil used in their rituals.
DeAndre Yedlin produced a whiplash shot from a great Mo Daime pass on 35 minutes to force a corner and Ayoze Perez ought to have won a penalty five minutes later when quick feet bamboozled Greg Halford, who pulled him down with a handful of shirt.
insercao da Umbanda no Santo Daime, master dissertation, PUC Sao Paulo,
Effects of ayahuasca on psychometric measures of anxiety, panic-like and hopelessness in Santo Daime members.
Seventeen chapters describe the journeys of the 14, who became a Catholic priest; a witch; a Sufi leader; a Buddhist teacher (Vipassana); an Advaita teacher, A Zen Buddhist priest; a chant master; an artist; a medicine man; a Santo Daime leader; an interfaith minister; a Taoist and Qigong master; a Sikh leader; and a Buddhist teacher (Tibetan/B|n).
Saberes da ayahuasca e processos educativos na religiao do Santo Daime.
Many of the hymns are drawn from Brazil's Santo Daime spiritual network, an ayahuasca church that was founded in the 1930s and blends Christian and indigenous religious traditions.
Senor, que todo o podedes, pedinlle unha vez a Dios, daime valor par'arrincar dun golpe cravo de tal condicion.
2) La autora hace uso de esta nocion al comparar la logica terapeutica de las medicinas alternativas con las practicas del Santo Daime y el psicoanalisis.
Ahora bien, este extasis al que Perlongher arriba por sus estudios antropologicos cuando comienza a investigar las formas religiosas vinculadas al Santo Daime, podemos decir que es el que produce la mayor tension dentro del dispositivo de lo barroco.
9) La iglesia del Santo Daime surge en la decada de los treinta, con su fundador Raimundo Irineu Serra (Mestre Irineu) en Rio Branco, Acre.