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The Dakota Territory or (after 1889) the states of North Dakota and South Dakota.
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His prospecting led him through the Dakotas, Idaho, and eastern Oregon, and on into the mountains of British Columbia.
Next came the bonanza farmer of the Red River Valley--such a man, for instance, as Oliver Dalrymple, of North Dakota, who found that by the aid of the telephone he could plant and harvest thirty thousand acres of wheat in a single season.
Three banks of Bungtown, South Dakota, failed, and more savings of the workers swallowed up
City, Nevada, he is called the Washoe Canary, in Dakota, the Senator,
President Harrison signed the Dakotas statehood proclamations at the same time, so no one knows which was first, Daugaard said.
He expected a reply about his proposed account of the recent war between the Dakotas and Euro-American settlers in Minnesota.
He believes that the Corps is unfairly keeping the river low in the Dakotas to appease a few connected farmers and barge operators in Missouri.
Over half of North Dakotas pasture and rangeland is listed as being in Poor to Very Poor condition in the latest USDA Weekly Weather and Crop Bulletin.
NYSE:FPL), have reached an agreement to build an 80-megawatt wind energy project, with 40-megawatts in each of the Dakotas.
Both firms have made significant inroads in their markets in the Dakotas in recent years.
Metrobility Optical Systems, a next-generation optical networking company providing metro Ethernet connectivity, access, wavelength multiplexing and management solutions, has partnered with Dakota Supply Group to bring high-speed, fiber optic communications solutions to its customers in eight mid-western states.
Reseller Team Includes Tri-Tek Information Systems, Dakota Supply