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Noun1.Dale Carnegie - United States educator famous for writing a book about how to win friends and influence people (1888-1955)
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Read some books, attend a Dale Carnegie course, and get a mentor in your field; all these efforts--along with regular personal interaction--will make you more successful, whether on the supply side or the buying side.
I don't know that Trump has read either book, but Peale was his pastor for many years at New York's Marble Collegiate Church, and Trump's father, Fred, who paved the Donald's way in real estate, once took a Dale Carnegie course.
Friedman took the Dale Carnegie Course, winning an "Outstanding Performance Award" in Effective Speaking.
Anyone booking a Dale Carnegie course referencing Huddersfield Town will earn the Terriers commission
BACKGROUND: In 1995, with two graduate degrees and a Dilbert-like career going for me, I took a Dale Carnegie course.
I would recommend the Dale Carnegie course to others in the profession because you will learn so much about yourself, how to be an effective leader and how to coach those around you.