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Noun1.Dama - fallow deerDama - fallow deer        
mammal genus - a genus of mammals
Cervidae, family Cervidae - deer: reindeer; moose or elks; muntjacs; roe deer
Dama dama, fallow deer - small Eurasian deer
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Asimismo, no se olvide que mucho antes de que Sarkozy llegara a la Presidencia, Cecilia declaro con toda claridad: "No me veo haciendo de primera dama, es algo que me fastidia, porque no soy politicamente correcta.
Y por ello Mexico lleva cuatro anos preguntando que hacer con la primera dama.
As a Silver Sponsor of the DAMA Symposium, Kalido will have a strong presence at the event (Booth #115), with both technical and business experts on hand to share their data warehousing and master data management expertise.
Targeted skilled migration under the DAMA guidelines will provide incentives to grow businesses and local economies for the benefit of Australians.
In 2015, Dama was invited for a training organised by the UN's Food and Agricultural Organisation.
Lo cual no impide que ella ejerza activamente como Primera Dama de Costa Rica, coordinando varias instituciones publicas, enfocadas en lo social y economico, a favor del desarrollo territorial.
A source at the Province Police Command told SANA on Sunday that an explosive device, planted by terrorists on the road linking between the villages of Dama and Areqa in al-Lajat area, exploded as a car passed over it , injuring the two persons who were inside it.
DamA sio is in bar exam test preparation and a high quality provider of undergraduate and graduate law programs.
On August 14th, five citizens were injured in a terrorist attack which targeted a bus in Dama village.
Summary: An eruption of violence around the village of Dama, in southern Syria, between Druze and Bedouin living in the area -- the Bedouin backed by rebel groups -- killed at least 15 people Saturday, according to multiple sources.
Primera Dama bienvenida a su casa Televisa", decia el letrero que saludo la llegada de la esposa del presidente Enrique Pena Nieto, quien estaba acompanada por Peng Llyuan, conyuge del presidente chino Xi Jinping.