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A former Portuguese colony of northwest India on the eastern shore of the Gulf of Khambhat. It was acquired by the Portuguese in 1539 and annexed by India in 1962.


(Animals) a rare name for the hyrax, esp the Syrian rock hyrax. See hyrax See also cony2
[from Arabic damān Isrā'īl sheep of Israel]


(Placename) a coastal town in W India, the chief town of Daman and Diu. Pop: 35 743 (2001). Portuguese name: Damão



1. a district on the coast of Gujarat state in W India: part of the union territory of Daman and Diu.
2. the capital of Daman and Diu. 21,000.
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However, after a very uneasy voyage, in which we were often in danger of being dashed against the rocks, or thrown upon the sands by the rapidity of the current, and suffered the utmost distress for want of water, I landed at Daman, a place about twenty leagues distant from Bazaim.
Daman Investments, a UAE-based regional investment management company, has announced a record ninth consecutive quarterly dividend for the Daman Second Emirates Fund.
The e-prescription system is expected to make patient care safer and more convenient for Daman members.
Ajamy, speaking on the sidelines of the Daman Regional Conference 2009, said they expect to cut down the processing time to two minutes once the online authorisation is implemented very soon.
322/2008, which affects all applications for visit visas in the UAE, The National Health Insurance Company- Daman has issued 12,000 Visitor Plans since the law's inception in late July 2008.
Daman Consulting, a premier provider of data warehouse and enterprise application integration solutions, has announced the successful development and deployment of a "transactional data store" (TDS) for National City Corporation, a leading financial services provider.
Tenders are invited for Development of Integrated Municipal Solid Waste Management System for entire rural and urban areas of Daman District including Daman Municipal Council on Design, Build, Finance, Operate & Transfer (DBFOT) Basis 3rd Call Document cost : INR 10000 EMD value : INR 2000000 Pre-bid meeting date : 22 Mar 2018 Opening date : 06 Apr 2018
Summary: Daman (Daman and Diu) [India] Feb 24 (ANI): The open defecation free (ODF) is a movement of respect for motherhood and women, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday.
ISLAMABAD:The 33rd death anniversary of renowned Punjabi poet Ustad Daman was observed on Sunday.
ISLAMABAD -- The 33rd death anniversary of renowned Punjabi poet Ustad Daman was observed on Sunday.
Summary: ADGM and Daman will collaborate on a range of technology-related initiatives that serve to support entrepreneurs, start-ups and technology firms who are active in the InsurTech environment.
Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) has partnered with National Health Insurance Company - Daman (Daman), to seek opportunities for the growth of the insurance-related FinTech ecosystem (InsurTech) in Abu Dhabi and the UAE.