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(Biography) William. 1652–1715, English navigator, pirate, and writer: sailed around the world twice


(ˈdæm pi ər, ˈdæmp yər)

William, 1652–1715, English explorer and buccaneer.
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Chief of these, I hoped, was Mohun Dampier, an old schoolmate with whom I had held a desultory correspondence which had long ceased, as is the way of correspondence between men.
I remembered Dampier as a handsome, strong young fellow of scholarly tastes, with an aversion to work and a marked indifference to many of the things that the world cares for, including wealth, of which, however, he had inherited enough to put him beyond the reach of want.
In answer to my note apprising him of my wish to call, Dampier had written, "Don't ring--open the door and come up.
When Dampier had finished his story I could think of nothing relevant that I cared to say, and to question him would have been a hideous impertinence.
Dampier also, in the same year, says that a man in a morning's walk might kill six or seven dozen of these doves.
The Stag Oilfield is a generating oilfield sited in the Dampier sub-basin of the Carnarvon Basin in a water depth of 50m and 60km offshore.
Maureen Dampier, 85, and Molly Martland, 97, were special guests at the stadium for the crunch match against Wigan yesterday.
Royal author Phil Dampier said the Royal Family "are not immune to cyber-attacks".
Sweett Group has appointed Peter Dampier as commercial director for the Asia Pacific (APAC) region.
The word "barbecue" first formally entered the English language in the seventeenth century, introduced by the explorer William Dampier.
Williams, a historian, starts with self-taught Englishman William Dampier, who hopped a ship to Java at age 20 to begin a 13-year trip around the world.
The practice of destroying rock art sites by professional archaeological consultants in the Dampier Archipelago, Western Australia, said to be the site of the world's largest concentration of rock art (Bednarik 2006), continues to throw a long shadow across the disciplines of archaeology and anthropology.