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Miss Ophelia, in a few days, thoroughly reformed every department of the house to a systematic pattern; but her labors in all departments that depended on the cooperation of servants were like those of Sisyphus or the Danaides.
It was like the cask of Danaides into which the public had been pleased to pour its deposits.
fingio preguntarme mientras acariciaba furtivamente el delicado cuello de marmol de la Danaide.
The book's cover art, Rodin's La Danaide, captures one of Chopin's pivotal themes: the female body exhausted by endless and futile effort.
The most famous one in recent years was Danaide, which sold for US$16.
A principios de 1840, La Danaide, durante su viaje de circunnavegacion visita las costas de America Central y el Golfo de California.
Let us proclaim our misery in a melancholy dirge," wails one Danaide.
Lecture sans issue, sans positivite, sans savoir, qui s'epuise elle-meme dans ce tonneau ou la Danaide verse ses lettres, y fait naufrage.
Louis and Yorktown, the British man-of-war Curacao and the French sloop-of-war Danaide arrived at the port of Monterey to make inquiries about the captives was any action taken toward their release.
24) Eugene and Agnes Meyer bought five sculptures from Brancusi: a white marble Birdin Space, dated 1925; the black marble portrait of Agnes Meyer: Portrait of Mme Eugene Meyer Jr, 193233; a bronze version of Maiastra 191112; a bronze version of Danaide, 1913; and a bronze version of the White Negress, 1926.
uk Crete from [euro]225pp: Stay close to the action in buzzing Malia with seven nights' self-catering at the three-star Danaides Apartments (saves up to [euro]345pp).