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Da Nang

or Da·nang  (də-năng′, dä′näng′)
A city of central Vietnam on the South China Sea. Called Tourane during the period of French colonization of Indochina, it was the site of an important US military base during the Vietnam War.


or Da Nang

(dəˈnɑŋ, -ˈnæŋ, dɑ-)

a seaport in central Vietnam. 500,000.
Formerly, Tourane.
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Amongst domestic tyre companies, Danang Rubber Company (DRC) dominated the Vietnam tyre market in 2014.
The luxury traveler is being tempted with new cruises in Nha Trang, hotels such as Le Meridien Saigon and the Reverie Hotel Saigon, experiences and tours, such as flying to Halong Bay from Hanoi by sea plane or helicopter service in Danang to Son Dong Cave or Nha Trang.
The five-day exercise off the coast of Danang includes submarine
The retired infantry officer, who commanded the successful defense of Danang, Vietnam during the Tet Offensive in 1968, is at the peak of a lifelong career as an executive leader in business and government.
Naval Support Activity, DaNang, Republic of Vietnam; Supply Officer, U.
The development objective of the Danang Sustainable City Development Project (SCDP) for Vietnam is to expand access of city residents to improved drainage, wastewater collection and treatment services, the arterial road network, and public transport in selected areas of Da Nang city.
A rally which drew around a thousand protesters in Hanoi focused local ire on the Chinese embassy, while smaller protests in Danang and Ho Chi Minh City echoed the anti-Chinese sentiment emanating from the political capital, CNN said.
It is inspiring a lot of young Vietnamese programmers who will now want to follow (Dong's) way and provide games to the world," said Bui Thien Canh, the president of the software association of Danang.
In the Danang area, villager Vo Ngoc Nghiem described the speed of the disaster: "We are familiar with floods every year but this time it rose so quickly that we had no time to cope with it.
Authorities have begun mass evacuations in central Danang and Quang Ngai provinces as the country goes on high alert in the face of the massive storm.
The storm, which claimed 13 lives in the Philippines over the weekend, tore through the communist country's central region, hitting the Unesco-listed ancient capital of Hue and the city of Danang.
More than 122,000 people had been moved to safe ground in several provinces, including Quang Nam and Danang city, by late Monday before the typhoon arrived, the official Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper reported.