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Noun1.ballet position - classical position of the body and especially the feet in balletballet position - classical position of the body and especially the feet in ballet
posture, attitude, position - the arrangement of the body and its limbs; "he assumed an attitude of surrender"
arabesque - position in which the dancer has one leg raised behind and arms outstretched in a conventional pose
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Using both black and white dance position photographs and exquisitely drawn anatomical illustrations, plus graphs and halftones, "Dance Science" teaches the nuts and bolts understanding of the biomechanics and anatomy of dance.
He spent hours watching small sections of the choreographed dance video, then placed the robots in the appropriate dance position, storing the data in their memory.
I've Danced in the Cage in Kooler Members boast of securing the ultimate dance position at the Merthyr nightclub - actually called The Kirkhouse, but still known locally as Kooler.
THE ECHO page 17, Dolan, 16, looking to enable him to dance position in Ballet Academy.
Add to that the contra culture of looking deep into your partner's eyes as you dance while holding each other in a ballroom dance position, and it's easy to see why it's a pastime that leads to friendship and communication instead of exclusion and misunderstanding, Goldman believes.
Girls across the room held their arms in dance position, waiting for partners.
At competitions, one often sees dancers practicing individually, posed in perfect dance position, arms extended to hold an invisible partner who becomes a ghostly presence through the strength and fixity of the dancer's frame.
One-way repeated measure analyses of variance (ANOVA) for each dance position as a within-subject factor were performed on the EMG and estimated compressive forces to examine the position effect.
THE ECHO of April 24, page 17, shows Daniel Dolan, 16, looking for a sponsor to enable him to take up his dance position in the Bolshoi Ballet Academy.
Partly inspired by a minicraze created by the movie "Mad Hot Ballroom," the class drew both boys and girls, some of them much taller than others, which caused problems when it came time to learn the three steps of getting into the partner dance position.
Should I bother to look for a dance position in this country or is it a lost cause?
I had been too busy having a life - well three children, a career and a home - to have time to master The River Dance Position (x-rated synchronised swimming) let alone to wonder whether I was "bi- curious" (it's OK Annie, I'm not).