Dandy brush

a yard whalebone brush.

See also: Dandy

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Tearing it open, she stroked the hard bristles and thanked Father Christmas for providing her with a dandy brush for her pony, Homer.
Dandy Brush (rate per piece), Grooming brush (rate per piece), Bass Brush (rate per piece) Nylon Chicky (rate per piece)
Although still a little babyish, Kingsbarns is a quality-looking colt and O'Brien, hands-on as always, produced a dandy brush from nowhere and made sure his colt's mane, tail and forelock were damped down perfectly for his introduction to the British public.
Grooming equipment: * curry combs * stiff, bristle brush called a body brush * soft, bristle brush called a dandy brush * mane and tail brush and detangler * hoof pick
99), which comes with a dandy brush, curry comb, hoof pick, comb, hoof oil can, mud/sweat scraper, towel, spray bottle, and a grooming tote bag to keep everything organized.
Short barrels make dandy brush guns but long barrels are easier to shoot.