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(ˈdæn yəlz)

Josephus, 1862–1948, U.S. editor and statesman.
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Oh, they are all Dorothys and Daniels, some being Juniors and some Double-Juniors.
Then they had to go into the back rooms occupied by Billina's nine Dorothys and two Daniels, who were all plump yellow chickens and greeted the visitors very politely.
They all had the letter 'D' engraved upon their gold lockets, you remember, with your picture inside, and 'D' stands for Daniel as well as for Dorothy.
Former pornographic actress Stormy Daniels plans to have a dress she allegedly wore during her 2006 affair with President Donald Trump tested for his DNA.
The long and winding NFL odyssey of patriarch Phillip Daniels has finally yielded a trip to the Super Bowl.
Shares of Bunge (BG) are on the rise following media reports saying Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) had approached the company with a takeover offer.
It's a remarkable rise for Daniels, who spent the past few years working in Creswell and Lane County politics and in background roles on several statewide Republican political campaigns, and it could lead to a coveted job in Trump's still-being-built administration.
27 October 2016 - US-based specialised medical waste disposal company Daniels Health has agreed to sell its Australian medical waste business to Australia-based waste management company Tox Free Solutions Ltd (ASX: TOX) for USD 186m, the company said.
Target: Daniels Health/Australian medical waste business
June Cox, who lived with her grandson Robert Daniels at Ryecroft Barn, Ryecroft Road, Glusburn, in North Yorkshire, passed away in January, but when officers turned up at the large detached property they uncovered the 36-year-old's sophisticated skunk cannabis factory.
Paul Daniels was a performer with a magic touch who entertained TV audiences for decades.
PAUL Daniels motivated North East magicians to take up a life on stage.