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Qi Gong

also Qi·gong (chē′gông′, -gŏng′)
A Chinese system of prescribed physical exercises or movements performed in a meditative state.

[Mandarin qìgōng : , air, spirit, energy of life; see chi in Indo-European roots + gōng, skill (from Middle Chinese kəwŋ).]


(ˈtʃiːˈɡɒŋ) or

chi kung

(Alternative Belief Systems) a system of breathing and exercise designed to benefit both physical and mental health
[C20: from Chinese qi energy + gong exercise]
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Get in touch with Smart therapies if you want to see what we could do for you, with either Bowen Therapy, Reflexology or Daoyin Tao massage.
Chinese healing exercises; the tradition of Daoyin.
Raised in the tradition of Confucian literati, (admiring) "the carefree Taoists and the detached Buddhists" (Tu Wei-ming 1976:28), and starting to write poetry, he involved himself deeply--cognitively as well as experientially--in the study of "the three religions," Daoism, Buddhism and Confucianism, spending months meditating in Buddhist monasteries, and practicing, in Daoist retreats, daoyin, the Daoist methods of breathing, dietary control and yoga-like exercises (Tu Wei-ming 1976:58).
Suilan daoyin Yu Sixing luchenyingjiang lianglulinwufenjucaiche, zengshe Tongbei, Shangjichang, Tieli shezhijuxiang" [Statement of Suilan Prefecture Governor Yu Sixing concerning the Reorganization of Local Government] (February 6, 1915), HS, 117-118.