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 (dī-go͞o′) also Tae·gu (tī-)
A city of southeast South Korea north-northwest of Busan. It is an industrial and commercial center.
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Supposedly for the daqiu ermian, all twelve patterns were embroidered, while the gunmian included nine; the bimian, seven; the qiaomian, five; the ximian, three; and the xuanmian, one.
This is supported by its compatibility with both stative and eventive predicates, like Zhangsan xihuan kanshu -le `Zhangsan like read-books LE', and Xiaoli daqiu -le `Xiaoli play-ball LE', respectively.
Yu was President of DaQiu Zhong Metal Sheets Manufacturing, and has had leading roles in the Company and serves on the Board of Directors of several leading corporations in China.