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Noun1.Dar al-Islam - areas where Muslims are in the majority
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The lexicon used by mainstream IR to research the Muslim world is limited to the issue of Jihad (holy war) and the presumed tripartite division of the world into dar al-harb (abode of war), dar al-Islam (abode of Islam) and dar al-Sulh (abode of temporary peace), which is limiting in itself by drawing on the western binaries of a world oscillating between conditions of war (anarchy and state of nature as operative forces) and peace.
Dar al-Islam / dar al-harb: Territories, People, Identities
For al-Qaeda, it is about driving the Crusaders out of the Dar al-Islam.
After two militant attacks in Paris killed 17 people in January last year, Islamic State's French-language magazine Dar al-Islam appeared with the Eiffel Tower on the cover and the headline "May Allah curse France".
Unlike Islamists, the Hizmet does not divide the world into two -- dar al-harb and dar al-Islam -- but sees it as a single entity which is dar al-Hizmet, meaning that Muslims can and actually must reside peacefully everywhere in the world and continually serve human kind by being good people and by investing their money, time, energy and endeavor into education, dialogue, media, publication, medicine and philanthropy.
Wednesday's edition of Islamic State's online French-language magazine, Dar Al-Islam, ran an edition on the attacks in Paris and included an interview with a woman who it said was Coulibaly's wife, although her name was not given.
As a civilization and a religion, Islam envisions the optimal world order very differently -- as a caliphate, in which faith and government are united and peace prevails throughout the Dar al-Islam, or house of Islam.
Hence, instead of simply fiqh of minority, a cosmopolitan fiqh that resonates with all Muslims taking abode in dAr al-amr (abode of solace) should logically be distinctive from what actually manifest in dAr al-islAm (abode of Islam)
While the financial duties imposed on non-Muslims are al Jizyah - (levied on persons/ poll tax), al Kharaj (on the ground), and al 'Ushor (means one-tenth) customs duties levied on domestic and foreign trade if transmitted from one place to another in Dar al-Islam (house/abode of Islam) [7].
One remarkable feature of the new scene is the dissolution of old geographical boundaries: the pursuit of Islamic sciences is no longer limited to the traditional lands of Islam; dar al-Islam has expanded to encompass the entire globe.
The situation in Turkey reflects processes developing in Dar al-Islam, director of the Armenian Centre for National
The Islamic West of Dar al-Islam will certainly have an impact upon Islamic and non-Islamic South Asia.