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A goblet- or hourglass-shaped hand drum having a single drumhead, typically held in the lap or under the arm and widely used in Middle Eastern, Balkan, and North African music. Also called dumbek.

[Ultimately (partly via Turkish darbuka) from Arabic darabukka, dirbakka, perhaps from Syriac 'ardbakkā.]
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The concert opened with Marcel Khalife's lively composition called Salute for Darabuka and orchestra.
Percussive movements, which usually include lifts and drops of the ribs, shoulders and hips, necessitate the presence of 'rhythm instruments': doumbek or darabuka drums, riks (a type of tambourine) and Western-style drums with sticks belong to rhythm instrument family.
From Europe to Asia and North America, each day lovers of Oriental dance watch el-Farah (Arabic for Joy), el-Teet and Darabuka (the drum) channels on NileSat 1 to enjoy this ancient Egyptian art.
In fact, they utilize viola da gamba, guitars, bajon, tambor, cittern, pandero, panderetilla, darabuka, castanets, psaltery, organ, and, yes, the harp.