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 (dăr′ō), Clarence Seward 1857-1938.
American lawyer known for his highly publicized defense of so-called lost causes, such as the Leopold-Loeb murder case (1924) and the Scopes evolution trial (1925).


(ˈdær oʊ)

Clarence (Seward), 1857–1938, U.S. lawyer.
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Noun1.Darrow - United States lawyer famous for his defense of lost causes (1857-1938)Darrow - United States lawyer famous for his defense of lost causes (1857-1938)
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In any event, Darrow escaped from Los Angeles with his career in tatters.
Their defense team was led by none other than Clarence Darrow, and the 1907 trial, which lasted nearly three months, attracted national attention.
A myth has emerged since that trial that Darrow and science scored a knockout victory over Bryan and religion, punctuated by Bryan's death two days after the trial (Bryan College stands in his honor in Dayton today).
So Darrow tried to show that his clients were mentally ill, blaming the crime on their "weird mentalities" and their influence on each other.
Despite the rejection, Darrow decided that the game's exciting promise of fame and fortune was too much to forget - and produced it on his own.
1933: Game of Monopoly was invented: Inthe early 1930s, unemployed Charles Darrow of Germantown, Pennsylvania, began creating the world's most famous board game modelled on his favourite resort, Atlantic City.
The material is legendary and Paul Morella plays Darrow impeccably; his fluidity in the role seems natural, almost effortless," according to a reviewer from The Washington Post.
All three executives report to Darrow, as do the following corporate staff executives: David Risley, senior vice president and chief financial officer; Stanley Kirkwood, vice president and corporate chief information officer; and Steven Rindskopf, vice president of corporate human resources.
of Monroe, MI, resigned and will be succeeded by Kurt Darrow, who has been with the company for 24 years.
ROLE: Adrien plays pilot Driscoll; HEROINE: Darrow charms Kong
Closing arguments; Clarence Darrow on religion, law, and society.
So Calwyn and Darrow set off on their quest, encountering friends, danger and masters of other magic.