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n.1.(Anat.) A thin layer of peculiar contractile tissue directly beneath the skin of the scrotum.
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In the second type the urethra is completely developed, but the Buck's fascia and the Dartos fascia is abnormal.
The testicle was placed into the subdartos pouch, followed by closure of the dartos layer and completion of the hypospadias procedure.
A seasonal variation in testicular torsion has been suggested in studies dating back to 1982, with a proposed theory that colder weather can cause contraction of the cre-master muscle and/or tunica dartos and produce testicular torsion (Chen, Lin, & Yang, 2013; Gomes Dde et al.
Fournier's gangrene (FG) is a fulminant necrotizing infection of the perianal and periurethral tissues that can disseminate even at the subcutaneous tissue of the thigh or the abdomen following the planes of the dartos fascia of the scrotum and penis, Colle's fascia and Scarpa's fascia.
The scrotal wall consists of the following layers (from superficial to deep): skin, superficial fascia, dartos muscle, external spermatic fascia, cremasteric fascia, and internal spermatic fascia.
Conclusion: The application of dartos facial flap waterproofing layer reduced fistula rate.
Urogenital infections spread posteriorly along the Bucks and Dartos fascia to involve the Colles' fascia, but do not reach the anal margin due to the attachment of the Colles' fascia to the perineal body.
Second layer of Dartos fascia reduced the rate of fistula formation.
It involves two incisions giving an initial incision to mobilize the testis followed by a second scrotal incision pulling down the testis and fixing it in the dartos pouch.
Duas incisoes de aproximadamente 8-10cm de comprimento foram realizadas na pele escrotal, paralelas a rafe mediana e a aproximadamente 2cm desta, atingindo a fascia escrotal e as tunicas dartos e parietal para exposicao do testiculo.
Traditionally if the penis is generally normal and the penile skin, urethral plate, corpus spongiosum, and dartos fascia are suitable for urethral reconstruction, one-stage urethroplasty is the surgery of choice, but in patients who have experienced failed hypospadias repair or in whom the penile skin, urethral plate, and dartos fascia are not suitable for urethral reconstruction, two-staged urethroplasty is recommended [16].