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, Charles Robert 1809-1882.
British naturalist who revolutionized the study of biology with his theory of evolution based on natural selection. His most famous works include On the Origin of Species (1859) and The Descent of Man (1871).

Dar·win′i·an adj. & n.


(Biology) of or relating to Charles Darwin or his theory of evolution by natural selection
(Biology) a person who accepts, supports, or uses this theory


(dɑrˈwɪn i ən)

1. pertaining to Charles Darwin or his theories.
2. a person who accepts Darwinism.
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Noun1.Darwinian - an advocate of Darwinism
advocate, advocator, exponent, proponent - a person who pleads for a cause or propounds an idea
Adj.1.Darwinian - of or relating to Charles Darwin's theory of organic evolution; "Darwinian theories"


A. ADJdarwiniano
B. Ndarwinista mf


nDarwinist(in) m(f)
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Thus, when a very unobtrusive Oxford man named John Boulnois wrote in a very unreadable review called the Natural Philosophy Quarterly a series of articles on alleged weak points in Darwinian evolution, it fluttered no corner of the English papers; though Boulnois's theory
This type must not be regarded as a fanciful figure: it is not a nebulous hope which is to be realised at some indefinitely remote period, thousands of years hence; nor is it a new species (in the Darwinian sense) of which we can know nothing, and which it would therefore be somewhat absurd to strive after.
After alluding airily to the Vehmgericht, aqua tofana, Carbonari, the Marchioness de Brinvilliers, the Darwinian theory, the principles of Malthus, and the Ratcliff Highway murders, the article concluded by admonishing the Government and advocating a closer watch over foreigners in England.
He had tried expounding to him the system of Fourier and the Darwinian theory, but of late Pyotr Petrovitch began to listen too sarcastically and even to be rude.
3, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Three House Democrats have attempted to settle the on-going scientific debates about Darwinian evolution and global warming by Congressional fiat, according to Discovery Institute.
The remaining eight articles are presented in sections addressing the reconciliation of reasons and forward-looking goals with Darwinian natural selection; exploring epistemological issues such as meaning, natural kinds, and concept learning; and examining the uniqueness, representational capacity, and morality of the human mind.
Whether done consciously or unconsciously, there seems to be a tendency to give special homage to Darwinian evolution at the expense of biblical insights.
Although it is arguably at the very heart of the scientific and philosophical nature of evolution, Professor Rogers deals in cursory fashion with the question of whether Darwinian mechanisms can explain the apparent design of biological features.
THE DARWINIAN TOURIST; VIEWING THE WORLD THROUGH EVOLUTIONARY EYES shares Christopher Wills' knowledge of biodiversity to consider how ecology and evolution of interacted.
In short, Of Apes and Ancestors is a valuable addition to the ever-growing literature on Charles Darwin and Darwinian evolution.
Their relentless deconstruction of the Darwinian paradigm will delight those who distrust Darwinist explanations of evolution by NS and exasperate those who revere Darwin and believe that it is only through appeal to NS that we can hope to understand how the adaptations of the many forms of life evolved.
His latest publication, The Darwinian Extension - Completion, describes the relationship between human and nonhuman communities on Mars.