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Moreover, they insist, Darwinian biology should be readily embraced by a stolid philosophy like political realism, because realism, after all, like Darwinianism, takes pride in its stoic ability to accept the difficult and often unpalatable facts of human existence.
Darwinian explanations of, for example, "feeble-mindedness" failed to stand up to experimental data; Darwinian approaches to race couldn't withstand scholars' greater familiarity with African-Americans after the northward migrations; and the crimes of the Nazis made strident Darwinianism distasteful at best.
It will be a bugle call to a fresh era of social Darwinianism from whose ill effects of the past, we have not fully recovered.
Drummond wrote best-selling religious books in which he incorporated into evangelical theology his assumption that Darwinianism was sound science.
By the 1870s, however, the utilization of Darwinianism for non-biblical accounts of creation combined with other mounting forces produced distinct fissures in higher education.