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A theory of biological evolution developed by Charles Darwin and others, stating that all species of organisms have developed from other species, primarily through natural selection. Also called Darwinian theory.

Dar′win·ist n.
Dar′win·is′tic adj.


A. ADJdarwinista
B. Ndarwinista mf
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Another was King of Birds, a mystical meditation on a Darwinist scrap to be top bird.
By contrast, "An Evangelical Christian has a very different understanding of the social world--its real, underlying features--than does a secular Darwinist philosopher.
Virginia Woolf and the Power of Story: A Literary Darwinist Reading of Six Novels
In contrast to previous interpretations of the PPIE as a unified expression of American imperial ambitions and social Darwinist assumptions about progress, race, and gender, Abigail Markwyn offers a case study of local and regional constituencies--the PPIE Woman's Board, the Hawaiian delegation, working-class San Franciscans, labor unions, and Asian Americans, among others--to demonstrate that the fair's official narrative about race, gender, and politics contained contradictions.
In doing the latter, I will bring into view references to the socio-cultural forces and identity-informing and -forming elements that have furnished Nigerian narratives their character and the Darwinist reproductive nature that derives from these.
Both Efuru's and the southern Nigerian lady's abilities to bear children are greatly stunted, the first by her body nature, the second by a medical condition, with the former reacting in a Darwinist fashion to her situation.
The work depicts New York City as "the Darwinist capital of the capitalist word" and U.
The first is when it underestimates the influence of Charles Darwin on Ely's thought, claiming that Ely was neither a determinist nor a social Darwinist.
Ernst Haeckel, the most famous German Darwinist of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, believed that Darwinism was the central component of a new worldview, (the culture of death), which was locked in combat with the traditional dual spiritual-material Judeo-Christian worldview (the culture of life).
Aldous Huxley was the grandson of a distinguished Victorian biologist and Darwinist who authored in 1932 a chilling indictment of progress gone mad - Brave New World.
the profusion of cynicism and contempt, the denigration of financial success, the honoring of self-esteem over self-respect, the decline in academic performance, the rise of the divorce rate, sex on television, politicians beholden to special interests, the rejection of objectivity in journalism, disrespect for authority figures, and, most importantly to Ruggiero, the rise of Progressivism in American political life) on the adoption of two views of human nature, which he identifies as Hereditarianism, a social Darwinist perspective that views biology as destiny and views most people as deficient in intelligence, and Humanistic Psychology, which elevated feelings over reason and placed the locus of authority within the individual.
But she is best known as the author of several books on evolutionary anthropology, including The Aquatic Ape and The Naked Darwinist.