Das Kapital

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Noun1.Das Kapital - a book written by Karl Marx (1867) describing his economic theories
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The Labour heavyweight cited the Communist philospher's book Das Kapital and the Tory Chancellor's advice as influences on his thinking.
The Protestant Ethic, in the thinking of Max Weber, is his stirring defense of capitalism in the face of Marx's Das Kapital, which was shaking Europe to its roots.
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Only then can the essential Adam Smith goal in the Wealth of Nations be an effective counterpoint to Karl Marx's Das Kapital.
Beyond giving us a moving testament to Hall's radical and independent mind--this was probably one of his last recorded statements--Julien's public instruction in the intricacies of Das Kapital simultaneously delivers (inadvertently or not, but most likely in a sly and truly artistic fashion) an awareness of the precarious condition of staging philosophy as a performative operation.
At the centre of the exhibition, Isaac Julien will be staging a dramatic recital of Marx's Das Kapital every day of the seven-month Biennale, an act of homage that somehow can't help but sound subversive.
Karl Marx hat bereits im dritten Band von Das Kapital erklart, wie "die Okonomie in der Anwendung des konstanten Kapitals" dazu beitragt, die Profitabilitat und damit die Akkumulations- und Wachstumsrate zu steigern.
Canadian/Lebanese/Armenian writer and essayist Viken Berberian , who is the author of The Cyclist and Das Kapital .
Piketty regards the anti-capitalism of the left as laziness, and has pointed out errors made by Karl Marx in Das Kapital while drawing parallels between Marx's work, which was not completed, and his own 700-page text, which includes 75 pages of footnotes, but not his technical appendix, on the Internet.
But times have changed, and some of the central themes of Karl Marx's Das Kapital, which sought to expose the contradictions of capitalism, have been updated in Capital in the Twenty-First Century, a 700-page tome that has risen to No.
In the so-called introduction to the Grundrisse, (1) Marx put abstraction at the centre of "the method of political economy," and ten years later this methodology would innervate his analysis in Das Kapital.
If laws can do it then we have labour laws half-a-dozen times more voluminous than all the three volumes of Karl Marx's Das Kapital put together; nevertheless, the factory workers, lower-level office staff and agricultural workers are in bad shape.