Das Kapital

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Noun1.Das Kapital - a book written by Karl Marx (1867) describing his economic theories
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Will Mr Corbyn quote from Das Kapital during Prime Minister's Questions?
At the centre of the exhibition, Isaac Julien will be staging a dramatic recital of Marx's Das Kapital every day of the seven-month Biennale, an act of homage that somehow can't help but sound subversive.
Piketty regards the anti-capitalism of the left as laziness, and has pointed out errors made by Karl Marx in Das Kapital while drawing parallels between Marx's work, which was not completed, and his own 700-page text, which includes 75 pages of footnotes, but not his technical appendix, on the Internet.
When Karl Marx wrote his magnum opus, Das Kapital, he was responding to a radical change in the nature of economic relations.
If laws can do it then we have labour laws half-a-dozen times more voluminous than all the three volumes of Karl Marx's Das Kapital put together; nevertheless, the factory workers, lower-level office staff and agricultural workers are in bad shape.
Five years on, Red Quill Books (RQB) is prospering largely due to the success of its wildly successful “radical comix” series which includes a manga version of Das Kapital, a four-part series on the Communist Manifesto (available in four languages), and a new biographical comic entitled “The Last Days of Che Guevara” released last month.
He did try to pre-empt the expected attacks on his "socialism" by pointing out that Chancellor George Osborne had described the energy freeze as something out of Das Kapital while Cameron seemed to think there was something in it.
Western media report that Marx's Das Kapital enjoys considerable popularity as its sales have tripled.
Egypt's torn between Karl Marx and Adam Smith: Das Kapital mangled with The Wealth of Nations.
As Marx starts with the commodity in the beginning of Das Kapital, they start with small scale experience of the commodity as a member of consumer society and move outward into workplace and economic organization.
Marx's Das Kapital for Beginners" discusses Marx's 'Das Kapital', his critique of the capitalist systems and the problems they cause on many levels of industry.
Because some knew the Bible, some knew the Qu'ran, some knew Das Kapital, but they all knew Shakespeare.