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Noun1.Dasyurus - type genus of the family Dasyuridae: native catsDasyurus - type genus of the family Dasyuridae: native cats
mammal genus - a genus of mammals
Dasyuridae, family Dasyuridae, family Dasyurinae - dasyures; native cats; pouched mice; banded anteaters; Tasmanian devils
dasyure - any of several more or less arboreal marsupials somewhat resembling martens
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Energy cost of ectoparasitism: the flea Xenopsylla ramesis on the desert gerbil Gerbillus dasyurus.
1 30 native mammals Arctocephalus pusillus Australian fur seal 4 9 1 Bettongia gaimardi bettong Dasyurus viverrinus native cat 1 1.
Why they responded by not only assigning Howitt and Fison with descriptive names that accorded with Spencer's sketches of 'crooked nose' and 'pot belly', but also animal names, Atyunpe (perentie, Varanus giganteus) and Atyelpe (western quoll, Dasyurus geoffroii), is far more difficult to ascertain.