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CAROL: It's a thorn apple, Datura stramonium, and every bit of it is poisonous.
We were very interested to read the article by Kelly Melvin and David Hourani in the January/February 2014 issue of the West Virginia Medical Journal regarding a case of Datura stramonium ingestion being misdiagnosed as cathinone intoxication.
Don) Soo Tubers used in backache Daphne mucronata Royle Roots purgative, bark and leaves used cutaneously Datura stramonium Linn.
In 1805, Seishu Hanaoka, a Japanese surgeon, administered a potent oral mixture of alkaloids, largely from the Datura stramonium plant, to a woman for a mastectomy (4).
and "Atsefaris", Datura stramonium were recorded in the pots and experimental fields.
Among specific topics are the curing behavior of epoxy containing siloxane, photometric analysis reagents of rare earths and their applications in metallurgical analysis, applying rhamnilipid biosurfactant to remove polychlorinated diphenyls from contaminated soil, cake fouling mechanism and the analysis of synthetic coke wastewater treatment by membrane bioreactor, turbulent drag reduction in journal bearings by polymer additives, hydroxylation of benzene catalyzed by supported phthalocyanine catalysts, modeling kinetics and grain density evolution during isothermal phase transformation, a new bimetal floating seal of high-speed roller bit bearings, the chemical composition and allelopathic potential of the essential oil from Datura stramonium L.
One powdered seed of Datura stramonium is added to the mixture along with 400 g of oil from seeds of Brassica campestris.
Datura stramonium is a flowering plant with hallucinogenic properties belonging to the Solanaceae family (Angiospermae Dicotiledoni).
According to experts, a fruit held by a satyr in the bottom right of the painting belongs to Datura stramonium, a plant with a history of sending people mad and making them want to bare all.
The first reference refers to a paper by Professor Byard himself (Byard 2002) which describes two cases of poisoning with Datura species, presumably Datura stramonium, also known as thorn apple from the deadly nightshade family.