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 (dō-myā′), Honoré 1808-1879.
French artist best known for his bitterly satirical lithographs of scenes from bourgeois society.


(French domje)
(Biography) Honoré (ɔnɔre). 1808–79, French painter and lithographer, noted particularly for his political and social caricatures



Honoré, 1808–79, French painter, cartoonist, and lithographer.
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Noun1.Daumier - French painter best known for his satirical lithographs of bourgeois society (1808-1879)Daumier - French painter best known for his satirical lithographs of bourgeois society (1808-1879)
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Inspired by Georges Seurat's Circus Sideshow (Parade de cirque), this thematic exhibition examines the fascination the sideshow held for other 19th-century artists--including Daumier and Picasso.
Contract notice: Project Management Assistance Contract For The Conduct Of A Sustainable Development Approach For The Construction Of The College Honor Daumier In Martigues
Ha alguns anos, Daumier fez uma obra notavel, Historia antiga, que era, por assim dizer, a melhor parafrase da celebre questao: quem nos livrara dos gregos e dos romanos?
The exhibition was organized around related themes and featured works by prominent artists including William Blake, Theodore Gericault, Francisco de Goya, John Constable, Honore Daumier, Eugene Delacroix, and Joseph Mallord William Turner.
The artist Roberto Fabelo, who is widely recognized as the contemporary Cuban Daumier, opens a door to a world of wonder through a series of images that offer the possibility that they come to us from a different dimension.
This intriguing exhibition at the Ringling Museum focuses on the work of five art forgers who fooled museums and art professionals with their duplications of works supposedly by the likes of Matisse, Picasso and Daumier.
Exhibition: Honore Daumier, French satirist's work titled Daumier: Visions of Paris (Royal Academy of Arts, Burlington House, Piccadilly, 020 7300 8000) comprises political cartoons, paintings, sculptures and prints which earned him the epithet of 'one of the most important men of modern art.
Tezuka o Miyazaki son tan importantes como Daumier o Dore.
Several prints by Honore-Victorin Daumier will also be auctioned off.
Iniciamos las representaciones visuales con Honore Daumier y su litografia El recogedor de colillas de cigarrillo, publicada en el periodico Le Charivari, el 5 de diciembre de 1841, placa numero 4 perteneciente a la serie Bohemios de Paris [Bohemiens de Paris].