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Noun1.David Ricardo - English economist who argued that the laws of supply and demand should operate in a free market (1772-1823)
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Trade across international borders has motivated economic analysts since at least the 19th century, when the economist David Ricardo invoked the example of wine in Portugal and wool in England to illustrate the principle of comparative advantage.
Michel Barnier: "Because, since the time of Adam Smith in the 18th century and David Ricardo in the 19th century, free trade has delivered sustained economic growth and employment and also fostered harmonious inter-state relations.
Por supuesto el centro del pensamiento marxista es la teoria del valor que toma de David Ricardo, otro clasico de la ciencia economica, que senala que lo unico que crea nuevo valor es el trabajo humano, pues las maquinas y las materias primas solo transmiten su propio valor, sin modificacion, repartido entre las mercancias que se producen.
Two centuries ago, David Ricardo wrote down a simple thought experiment that changed the way economists think about international trade.
Far from an invention of Corbyn's Labour Party, it dates back well before Marx to at least the 18th century classical economists, Adam Smith and David Ricardo - hardly proto-Marxists.
Hace exactamente 200 anos David Ricardo publico la primera edicion de sus Principios de economia politica y tributacion (1).
He devotes special attention to Francois Quesnay (1694-1774) and David Ricardo (1772-1823).
His contemporary, David Ricardo, reinforced him with his so-called Ricardian Law of Rent based on non-existent premises and expressly limited to agricultural tenancy but which became widely accepted as of general application and thus encrusted along with Malthus in the tradition of academic authority.
One approach to "measuring" value is the "labor theory of value," originally popularized by two of the fathers of economic theory, Adam Smith and David Ricardo.
Some 200 years ago David Ricardo proved that free trade is a win-win situation.
Smith es considerado el padre de la teoria del valor trabajo desarrollada por David Ricardo y Karl Marx y simultaneamente de la teoria de los costos de produccion desarrollada por John Stuart Mill y Alfred Marshall.
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