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(dəˈvɪd ɪk)

of or pertaining to the Biblical David or his descendants.
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As the royal, Davidic son of God who lives for ever (7: 3, cf.
A major problem that Halpern does not address is how Middle Assyrian inscriptions composed in a foreign language and script and located a great distance from this modest little "stronghold" in the Judean hills could have influenced the literary products of the Davidic and Solomonic court-if there even was such advanced literacy in the court, for which there is very little evidence.
The Thesis that Antti Laato of Turku has set out to defend is that the memory of Josiah has significantly influenced exilic and post-exilic messianic expectations, and that Josiah was regarded as a typos for the coming ideal Davidic king.
This divine shepherding turns out to be exercised through a restored Davidic kingship (the hopeful connection to history): "I will set up over them one shepherd, my servant David .
That biblical literature (as outlined above) indeed points to the historical reality of Josiah's reform as a program that was designed to unify Israel and Judah around the Jerusalem Temple under Davidic rule.
Here the promise to the Davidic king is subsumed into the wider context of God's covenant with Israel in such a way as to allow for the participation of the entire people in the adoption privilege of the king.
People were trying to combine two traditions: the typical belief in a Davidic messiah who would restore the political Kingdom of David and the idea that deliverance would come from heaven.
Joseph Blenkinsopp likens Cyrus to a Davidic figure who supersedes the Judean monarchs to become the divinely selected ruler.
The same idea and elements of returning to the Lord after having broken the covenantal terms are also seen in the Davidic covenant when Solomon dedicated the Temple.
The Davidic dynasty had long decayed, and in its place was a usurping Idumean named Herod who murdered his way to the throne and curried favor with Rome and the Jewish people by impressive engineering feats, building cities named after the Caesars and reconstructing the temple.
The evangelist presents Jesus as God's Anointed, the Messiah; he is of Davidic royal descent.
The message of Psalm 2 is thus not primarily about the reign of the Davidic monarchy, but about the reign of the LORD in the midst of the Davidic monarchy.