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(ˈdeɪ vɪd sən)

Jo (jō), 1883–1952, U.S. sculptor.
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Miss Davidson was born in Ohio, and received her preparatory education in the public schools of that state.
Hemenway's kindness and generosity, Miss Davidson, after graduating at Hampton, received an opportunity to complete a two years' course of training at the Massachusetts State Normal School at Framingham.
Before she went to Framingham, some one suggested to Miss Davidson that, since she was so very light in colour, she might find it more comfortable not to be known as a coloured women in this school in Massachusetts.
Soon after her graduation from the Framingham institution, Miss Davidson came to Tuskegee, bringing into the school many valuable and fresh ideas as to the best methods of teaching, as well as a rare moral character and a life of unselfishness that I think has seldom been equalled.
Miss Davidson and I began consulting as to the future of the school from the first.
In the meantime Miss Davidson was devising plans to repay the loan.
God knows I's ignorant an' poor; but," she added, "I knows what you an' Miss Davidson is tryin' to do.
Why, my lord," quoth Ford, standing in his stirrups and shading his eyes, "it is old Hob Davidson, the fat miller of Milton
com)-- Lisa Chester has joined the sales team at Davidson Realty.
New Delhi, May 14 -- Harley Davidson India today announced the opening of a new dealership in Kolkata marking the motor company's entry into eastern India as part of its strategic dealership expansion drive across the country.
From humble beginnings, the farm-raised, Greeneville, Kentucky native owned and operated more than 15 auto dealerships in Arizona, California, Iowa, Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia as well as several Harley Davidson dealerships in Bowling Green and Louisville.
Coach Paul Davidson attributes the camaraderie and teamwork fostered in that ``high performance'' group as the chief reason why CSA will send more swimmers to junior nationals, 14, than it has since Davidson took over the program eight years ago.